Thursday, 5 July 2018

We’ve Got Wings ……….

I have to admit that when we arrived at our hotel at stupid o’clock this morning, we were all totally incapable of taking anything in, we just went into what we thought was “the bedroom” and collapsed on either one of the twin beds.
However, when I, as the first one to get up, finally managed to have a look around and get my bearings, I could hardly believe my eyes ……… let’s just say our Greek apartment makes our bijoux riverside apartment back in Evesham look even more bijouxer ……. said holiday apartment is mahooooooooooosive!
From the outside it’s very traditional in style but on the inside, OMG …… we have huge two double bedrooms with wardrobes so big that even Hugh and his extensive touring wardrobe would be suitably accommodated ……..
…….. plus, there are another two bed/settees in the central lounge/diner area ……. and, as if that isn’t enough, each of these rooms has it’s own balcony. We are an apartment with three vistas and for all intents and purposes an east and west wing, how brilliant is that? How on earth are we going to decide where to enjoy our constitutional Cretan nightcap at the end of the day?
But, that’s not all, we also have an equally mahoooooosive bathroom with a real life, proper bath, something we have ever never had before ……. it’s almost ….. too much!
AND, finally, we have a kitchen, I think I am going to be pretty much a stranger to it’s machinations because Darrell declared, while we were packing for our holiday, that the kitchen was going to be his sole domain and he had the insulated lunch bags and ice packs to prove it.
It’s all very, very wonderful, and as soon as Darrell and Nigel wake up I think that they will be equally as thrilled as I am and the events of our journey to get here will rapidly fade into oblivion.

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Mr.D said...

Wow. What an apartment.

"How on earth are we going to decide where to enjoy our constitutional Cretan nightcap at the end of the day?"

You will have to have two nightcaps - one on each balcony.