Monday, 30 July 2018

Les bateaux illuminés d'Evesham

After two long years, Nigel finally managed to see the illuminated boats and fireworks at the Evesham River Festival. It may have disappointed just a teeny bit, because due to the long summer hours, he and Darrell had to wait until 10.45pm for said fireworks, which got a tad erm …… boring!
After devouring every single morsel of their select and varied riverside picnic, there were only so many times Nigel could then visit the candy floss and Slush Puppy stalls, followed by the swing boats and bouncy castle without feeling a little green around the gills! 
So after securing what they hoped would be a prime spot on the river bank for the boat parade all that was left to do was converse, but then Nigel said he felt that his commentary on each and every passing swan began to wear a little thin with Darrell. 
I might have felt the same as there’s only so many  “Ooooooo there’s a swan, oooooo there’s another one, ooooooo there’s a swan, oooooo there’s another one”  you can take. 
But there again, the subject of Dame Kelly Hoppen and how many shades of white and beige you can include in your designer interior design doesn’t hold much fascination for Nigel either.
Still the oooooooo’s for swans eventually changed to ooooooooo’s for the fireworks, launched from the top of the shopping centre car park roof. I can vouch for their loudness as the sound travelled all the way down to The Towers, but there again it did serve as a indication as to  when to get Nigel and Darrell’s supper ready, as I knew, despite their picnic that all the evening fresh air would have made them ready for a bedtime Hob Nob and milky num nums.
Happy Days …… ending with Nigel retiring and wondering where he could get a boat to decorate for next year, heaven help us all!

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Mr.D said...

Nigel would do a fantastic job on a boat. Happy days indeed.