Sunday, 22 July 2018

No Stone Unturned

As you know it’s long been Darrell’s holiday tradition, at home or abroad, to find at least one holey stone to take back home, but it quickly became obvious that  our Elounda beach did not yield up of it’s holey stones willingly and so in the end Darrell recruited Nigel to help in his search.
They did find a very pretty piece of shell which shone so brightly that before digging it out of the wet sand Nigel thought that they had might have found an ancient Greek doubloon ……..
……. however, beautiful though it was, it was neither a holey stone or a doubloon, but I did get a wonderfully peaceful afternoon while they were out scouring the beach for their treasure.
Eventually they did find a holey stone of sorts ……….
……. but it wasn’t really the sort of stone Darrell generally treasures and carefully places in his bag, he much prefers a more defined hole and with this stone only one tiny hole actually went all the way through.
In the end Darrell and Nigel came to the decision that the stone would “do”, but instead of it going back to Evesham with us they would toss it back into the sea from “whence it came” on our last night, with a wish that when it again came back to the shore, we would return to Crete too.  What are they like, if not hopeless romantics!

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