Tuesday, 3 July 2018

A Wolverhampton Development Of A Bus Type Nature …..

We’re staying with Lu for a couple of days before we jet off to the hotter climes of Crete as her house is very convenient for the airport and while we are here , well, Nigel just couldn’t resist a trip into Wolverhampton on the bus to see what’s changed etc. since we’ve left ……………..
…… and for the novelty of it all, because, in Evesham, we have all very much become strangers to a bus journey. And, it didn’t take Nigel long before he found the first change and it was on the bus.
It seems that all WM bus tickets now come with a weather forecast ………there was nothing like that in our day!  But did it rain? Erm …… no!  But there again the ticket didn’t actually say when the said rain was due!


Mr.D said...

No Banga bus, then? What would George think? Mind you, the Banga bus stopped travelling to your old village a while back.

Anonymous said...

As good old Bob D. sings........'the times they are a'changing.....'