Thursday, 26 July 2018

A Last Holiday Tradition

As is tradition, on our last evening on holiday we like to take a small bottle of our celebratory wine of choice, Asti Spumante plus a few nibbles to bid a fond farewell to the resort  and reminisce on the wonderful time we’ve had and shared.
Let’s just say, among the drinks and the select cakes from the posh bakery in town, it was emotional.
We have loved Crete so much we have already vowed to return next year ………
…… but perhaps on the opposite side of the island like Rethymno or Chania.
Darrell has made it his mission to start looking as soon as we are back at The Towers ……..
…… with this holiday we are truly leaving our hearts in Elounda and parting will be, to quote someone who did clever words  ……. parting will definitely be such sweet sorrow.


Mr.D said...

Yet another amazing holiday.

Anonymous said...

I'm starting to pack my bags now.......count me in...JantheFan x

Di said...

I read all the holiday posts avidly boys but life here has been busy as well. However, I just did a revisit and got the giggles at the photo of the three of you gazing winsomely out to sea.It may be my specs needing a bit of a clean but am sure that Nigel is sporting a bit of a builders bum at the top of his jeans! Snort :)


Di xx