Friday, 13 July 2018

We Do Love A Greek Church

As you know, we love a Greek church and as such we have been checking each day to see if the church we spotted in the middle of Elounda is open so that we could have a little peek inside and then light a candle, a long held Greek odyssey tradition ……
……. and finally, yesterday evening, it was.
It did not disappoint
It was stunning.  The icons, the painted ceiling, the large, ornate glass chandeliers and the elaborate candle holders. 
Darrell was very taken, as he always is, so much so it was hard to drag him away …….
…… saying, that if it wasn’t a mortal sin or religious sacrilege and if he was ever to redecorate The Towers again,  he would definitely take inspiration from all the Greek churches we have visited ……..
……but in the meantime he would look for some little bits and pieces that might possibly “work” in his and Nigel’s “revised” bedroom.
We all lit a candle, each lost in thoughts and memories of Andy, who though not with us physically, we still feel his presence, embracing every bit of our adventures as much as we do …… and occasionally leaving us to try out the fishing!


Mr.D said...

Get your hair cut!

Did it have a diptych or a triptych?

Anonymous said...

Sweet are the memories that live on in the heart, when pondered and thought on means we never are apart. JantheFan x