Saturday, 14 July 2018

Sea Legs Required.

Last night we decided to go for an evening meal at Kalidon, the floating restaurant on the quay that Darrell has had his eye on since we arrived.
All boded well at first, as we were give a table at the front with a spectacular view across the bay and over to Spingalonga.
It was all very romantic ……. for a while, until the gentle, undulating motion of the waves began to get the better of a usually very robust Nigel ……… he tried to give a good account of his tzatziki …..
…… but then he began to turn a not very romantic shade of green and sadly we had to ask if perhaps we could have a table on firmer terra firma.
……. and with that Nigel’s demeanour changed instantly.  After much debate, none heated, we came to the conclusion that although for Nigel generally no wave is too big or sea too rough, his aural system was probably more susceptible to a gentler ebb and flow of a marine type nature, something, Darrell said knowledgeably, to him having a hyper sensitive inner ear (auris interna).
I was just happy to see Nigel return to a more normal colour and tuck into his pork souvlaki followed by an ample portion of Galaktoboureko (custard pie) and ice-cream with his normal gusto ……. bless him.

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Mr.D said...

No cruise holidays for young Nigel then?