Friday, 6 July 2018

Nigel, Found Without …….

I have a sort of feeling that this is going to be a holidays of swings and roundabouts as regards to our fortunes ………. and in this particular instance, Nigel’s!
We’re not sure how it happened but when we started to unpack we found that all Nigel’s holiday clothes were missing! He doesn’t seem to be at all bothered, but Darrell and I are terribly upset.  All we can think of is that when we were at Lucy’s we somehow forget to transfer Nigel’s clothes, that were in the front of the small suitcase we bought down with us into the larger one Lucy had already taken to hers last time she was at The Towers.
However, thank goodness Darrell always puts a bag of “spares” as he calls it, in his hand luggage, “just in case pants” and our trunks etc. so, in the event of our luggage going missing we can at least go for a swim and then feel fresh and not found wanting in the evenings while waiting for it to turn up.
So before we leave for the beach in the morning Darrell washes what Nigel doesn’t need in the day, knowing that in the Cretan tropics they will be dry by the time we go out in the evening. Nigel is typically philosophical saying that being without has made him feel quite liberated and that “clothes do not make the monkey” – what is he like, bless him?  Can you imagine if the same had happened to Darrell?


Mr.D said...

Darrell would have been on the phone to fashion guru Hugh and down the shops in double quick time.

CraftyCoffey said...

Oh my goodness-Nigel is taking the missing clothes issue very well. Fingers crossed everyone can relax now.