Tuesday, 1 June 2010

World Cup 2010 - England We’re Behind You ….

No one can accuse me and Darrell of not being 100% behind Fabio and the Boys ….. we have gathered a whole plethora of England stuff with which to festoon our humble home and Vauxhall Zefira …… no one will be in any doubt as to our allegiance …..
We're behind you England - World Cup 2010
We have luxury toilet tissue, as Darrell has a delicate stomach when he gets nervous or excited, best to pre-empt any “emergency”…… , we also have a car aerial thingy ……..
World Cup plethora
We have balloons aplenty …… but we won’t be blowing them up until the first match for fear of jinxing anything …..
World Cup 2010 - England we're behind you
And we have a pint tea mug each, so we don’t have to keep popping to kitchen for refills, -  heaven forbid we should miss a glorious goal, whilst adding milk and a sweetener to our beverage of choice.
Our first match is against the USA on Saturday 12th June, we are having hot dogs, fried onions and red sauce at half time ….. if you are passing pop in ……. you won’t be able to miss the house!


Julia Dunnit said...

Finally had a chance to catch up with you Monkey - you're so busy! Loved Eurovision too - your score card looks like the most complicted thing - wasn't it fun! As for your England gear - good for you - I've got the aerial topper and paper napkins that we wouldn't normally do, but will have them at every meal while England is IN.....started it last ltime and am scared not to carry on now!!

Mr. D said...

Mmmm fried onions. I will have tacos or albóndigas. Get a mini fridge in the lounge so you don't miss anything.