Friday, 11 June 2010

We’ve Won a Peperami Fanimal!

Fanimal Pepperoni shouting football mascot - win
Pepperoni Fanimal shouting Football mascot
Darrell and I don’t enter many competitions, but, when we looked at the packet of our favourite savoury snack of choice, Peperami,  we saw that if we text a number and quoted a word we could be 1 of 1,000 people each day to win a Peperami England Shouting Mascot, so we decided to chance our luck …. and we won!  How BRILLIANT is that?

It would be nice if it came some time during for the World Cup, but we are so thrilled that we are the happy “winners” of a lean, mean ranting machine that nothing could rain on our parade!
Picture 016
The text has probably cost us a tenner, but .... c’est la vie or c’est la sausage...... as Darrell so succinctly  put it.
Picture 014
Oh, don’t try this code at home…. it won’t work twice, we tried!

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Mr. D said...

Congrats Monkey. I know a few shouting animals too. You have my mouth watering thinking about Peperami. At work we were talking about Corned Beef - about a year since I had it.