Saturday, 26 June 2010

It's National Insect Week - 21st - 27th June 2010

Picture 199
It’s National Insect Week, which is very exciting and also very fatuitous as when I went over to the paper shop and delved in Ali’s 30p each or 4 for a £1 box ….  I found this….. its a magnifying set for looking at insects
Picture 200 Picture 205
In the set there’s a magnifying glass in the guise of a ladybird, a spotty black and red pencil for making observational notes, a large ladybird to examine in detail and some little stickers to study under the glass in case the insects you find won’t stay still enough to look at.
Picture 201 
Picture 203
….. finding secrets out about the little creatures that inhabit our world.

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Mr. D said...

Do you need to check Monkey's fur and mum's scalp for "mini beasts!"