Thursday, 10 June 2010

World Cup 2010 - Haribo Football Mix - Confectionary of Choice

It has been suggested that Darrell and I are very susceptible to the influence of advertising…………. I can’t see it myself.
Haribo Football Mix
I don’t suppose Fabio will be allowing the Engerland team any sweeties during his gruelling fitness regime and psychological preparation for the World Cup.
Sharing Haribo Football Mix
We like to share all our sweeties equally, so there’s no fighting!
However, Darrell and I are very taken with the Haribo football mix, which they have on offer at our Tesco Express at the moment.  As they are fruit flavour, I am sure they must contain some vitamin C, but I am sure Fabio would  advise Peter, Wayne or Ashley to suck on a segmented orange rather than tuck into this assortment of fruit flavour sweet foam and gum type sweets.
Picture 024
The shapes are dead good and really realistic in a sweetie type way!
But, I expect that when Engerland are victorious and raise the World Cup above their heads, Fabio will relinquish and say “If you lot want some sweets now lads, you can,  you deserve it.”  but in an Italian accent naturally.


Julia Dunnit said...

Ah, we have a stash of these too Monkey, and I even bought the whistles!!

Mr. D said...

Surely it is oranges at half-time. I saw Monkeys when I went to South Africa, but none like you M.