Monday, 21 June 2010

Peperami Update

Darrell and I are still excitedly waiting for our Peperami Fanimal to arrive, but imagine my surprise when I received a letter yesterday from the Peperami people ……
Letter from peperami
I’d e-mailed them telling them how excited we were to win a fanimal, but I never dreamed they would write back to me.
pepperami letter
They even sent me a voucher to buy something lovely …. I am now wondering whether to try a Pot Noodle with Darrell as we have never had one before or get some Elmlea to pour on our strawberries.
pepperami voucher
Once again I feel very blessed in a Hello magazine type way, there are so many very kind people in the world.

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Mr. D said...

You could be very blessed in a Pot Noodle way too.