Friday, 25 June 2010

Our Peperami Fanimal Has Arrived

Ever since we won a Peperami Fanimal a couple of weeks ago Darrell has been waiting expectantly, every morning, for the postman.
Picture 256Picture 253
And finally his patience has paid off, because this morning the postman delivered a long, slim parcel……..
Peperami Pepperami Fanimal 1
I’ve never seen Darrell quite so excited, his hands were shaking so much it was hard for him to rip through the plastic wrapper.
Pepperami Fanimal 2
We are both thrilled with it, we’ve never won anything together  before…… and it’s come just in time for Sundays match!
Peperami Fanimal 6
You have to bang it against something hard and it says lots of funny things like “ Oi Italy, the only balls you are good with are meatballs!”, That made Darrell chuckle and he has been trying to talk like the peperami character.
Peperami fanimal 5
I have to admit that the feel of the fanimal is rather strange, it’s like a stringy, sticky, floppy rubbery plastic, and personally I think it needs some pants.
Pepperami Fanimal 3
But Darrell loves him!!!!
50p off Peperami Voucher
Oh, and I forgot to mention that we also got a 50p off voucher so we are doubly blessed!

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Mr. D said...

Why don't you make Fanimal some pants?