Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Village Vets Window Display

Picture 064
With George on his holidays, I have been catching the 535 bus into town instead.  The walk to the bus stop is quite boring …. but, just have a look at what the village vet has done ….. he has put a wonderful seaside animal tableau in his window ,….. it’s brilliant!
cat on towel Picture 065
It looks like a real beach …. with sand and seashells, buckets and spades, I really, really love the lobster and crab sand moulds.  This must surely rival any posh window display they have in Selfridges.
Huge inflatable cherries in Selfridges v  puppy in sunglasses in village vets …… no contest !
Picture 066
I love the way the animals are sitting holding various worming preparations – which is probably why some of them are sitting on towels and wearing suitable trunks or shorts …….
Picture 067
I am going to take Darrell to look tomorrow as I know he will be absolutely entranced, (but I will have to tell him that the bucket and mop in the background aren’t part of the display).
Picture 063


Julia Dunnit said...

How inventive of the Vet! Hope Darrell is as fascinated as I was!

Mr. D said...

Monkey, why don't you offer to sit in the window for a while?