Thursday, 3 June 2010

Our World Cup Team is Chosen …

Fabio  World Cup 2010
Fabio must be relieved now that he has picked his final World Cup team. Me and Darrell are dead chuffed and have tried phone TalkSPORT to say so, but so far we haven’t got through.
I expect all our valiant players are now dead excited about going to get their posh team uniform from the tailors. I wonder if the tailor makes a job lot and then the players have to see what fits who best ….. anyway I bet they will all look very smart.
I also wonder who will book the plane tickets to South Africa, I hope they haven’t left it too late, I bet the airlines are pretty booked up by now. I also wonder if the players fight for the seat near the window?
World Cup England Face Paints
My World Cup preparation also continues to gather pace, Aunty Jan bought me and Darrell some face paints ………..
World Cup 2010 England Face Paints
What do you think?

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Mr. D said...

Cheeky Monkey - I suspect Photoshop had a hand in the picture.