Friday, 18 June 2010

My Race For Life Goodie Bag and Another Surprise …..

 Picture 160
I can’t believe that I got a lovely pink goodie bag, as well as a medal at the end of the race …. it was like my birthday, the medal was more than enough, but this was all too wonderful ….
Picture 153
I had some beauty products that I am going to give to Lucy to put in her wash bag for her holidays. There was  some special stuff to make ladies skin recover after shaving, which is all a big mystery to me but I think she will be delighted with it, but there again, I hope she doesn’t think, I think, she has hairy legs that need shaving ……
Picture 157
I also had a cereal bar …… very yummy ….. but best of all, one of the Office Ladies made all the Monkeys who ran a certificate to go with their medals
Picture 167

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Mr. D said...

A certified Monkey. Well done.