Tuesday, 22 June 2010

A Midsummer’s Rose and Fairy Lanterns.

Midsummers Rose
Yesterday was Midsummer’s Day and legend has it that any rose picked on that day will keep fresh till Christmas …… I will keep you informed as to how long mine lasts……
Picture 245 Picture 246
I also filled the trees with lanterns so that the fairies had a flickering light to dance in as Midnight approached.
Picture 254
Most of them are small, but I added the last big one just in case there were a few fuller figured fairies planning on dancing around our hollyhocks.
Picture 247 Picture 248
Picture 257


Anonymous said...

Oh monkey you think of everything! I'm sure the fairies danced til they dropped ;-) x

Mr. D said...

A few fuller figured fairies. Actually all alliterative above.