Sunday, 27 June 2010

Another Day …. Another World Cup Match.

It was hard to sleep last night, what with the heat and the worry and excitement  of this afternoons England v Germany Match.
Choosing Our England World Cup Squad Egg Stickers
Darrell and I started the day trying to decided which sticker to put on our Sunday breakfast boiled egg ………England World Cup Squad egg stickers
Aunty Jan found us these stickers, but in the end we decided not to use them because we are a bit superstitious and didn’t think it would be right to see our World Cup heroes with egg on their faces, especially on a day like today.
Peperami Fanimal
Everyone is coming round again to watch the match and have hot pork baps for lunch (with stuffing, apple sauce and a drizzle of gravy!).  We shall be banging our Peperamis like crazy as we have one each now, Aunty Jan won one too and gave it to us, woooo hoooo!  I think they will be almost as irritating as the vuvuzelas!
All that is left to say is “COME ON ENGERLAND”


Julia Dunnit said...

Oh yeah boys, play up Engerland!

Mr. D said...

Mmmm hot pork baps followed by the noise Homer Simpson makes. World Cup heroes with egg on their faces - yes I get your yolk. Groan.

I put the second comment through Google translate and it comes out as "Survival but continued fighting in the heart and soul; writing is sitting the trial itself."