Wednesday, 2 June 2010

A Dove From Above

Gran has a dove staying at her house at the moment.  Uncle Andrew nursed him back to health when he was abandoned when he was very young. He is very tame and likes to fly round the house or sit on Uncle Andrew’s shoulder or head.
Dove Lokking at Monkey
His name is Budge and thinks Uncle Andrew is his mum, I am not sure if Uncle Andrew fed him with worms from his mouth to encourage him to eat when he was a fledgling , I must ask him.
Looking at Dove
I like to sit very quietly near his cage and sometimes he coooo’s to me.
Looking at Dove 1 Looking at Dove 2
I don’t like to move too much for fear of frightening him …
Monkey Looking at Dove
I would hate to think he thought I was a predator, I don’t think doves encounter many monkeys in “real life”

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Mr. D said...

Bit of a Vic Reeves reference there Monkey. What about the man with the stick?