Thursday, 17 June 2010

Race For Life – Sometimes Things Don’t Go Quite to Plan

I did it!  I am so proud!  I slept with my medal under my pillow last night, I would have worn it round my neck, but I could have strangled myself in my sleep and that would have been awful!
 Picture 143
The evening didn’t go exactly to plan ……Cyril and I fully intended to complete the Race for Life course together, with Auntie Jan as our back-up team, but fate conspired against us/me!
Picture 133
One minute we were all side by side in the melee, the next minute I couldn’t see them.
 Picture 141
I looked everywhere for them and called their names, but to no avail and I as was being pushed towards the start line I had no choice but to start running without them, albeit with a heavy and lonely heart.
I asked this policemen if he could keep an eye out for a monkey with “I’m running for Jeremy Kyle” on his back and a blonde lady carrying an oxygen tank, water, first aid kit and blankets.  He seemed very upset that I had lost them in the crowd and said he would alert all officers on his radio to look out for Cyril and Aunty Jan and that I was not to worry.
Picture 116 Picture 114
I remembered all Rooney’s training and advice and took frequent water stops, but I think I took a few too many.
I encountered colourful characters and a few ducks on my way round
and at the 1km mark some lovely ladies took me under their wing and slowed their pace right down so that I could keep up and run with them ……. I’m sure I heard them whispering “Ahhhh isn’t he lovely” to each other as we ran along.
I crossed the finishing line in 1hr and 8 mins and thanked the ladies very much for looking after me….. and I got a few hugs.
And Aunty Jan and Cyril? -  They finished a little way behind me. Aunty Jan said she saw Cyril heading for the hot dog stand, and when he didn’t hear her calling she went after him, but when she finally dragged him away, saveloy in hand, the crowd had surged forward taking me with them .
Picture 147
It was a lovely evening that I shall remember forever …. and can I take this opportunity to say a HUGE THANK YOU  to everyone who helped us raise £101 for Cancer Research xxxxxxx THANK YOU.

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Mr. D said...

A dangerous game, being dragged away, saveloy in hand.