Sunday, 6 February 2011

Possibly One Of The Most Wonderful Days In Darrell’s Life …….. So Far ...

Stacey Solomon's Dad 1
You may recall a week or so ago this message appeared in our chatroom.  At first we were VERY cautious and thought that it might be a joke, BUT after a couple of e-mails we found out it REALLY WAS Stacey Solomon’s dad who had messaged us!  How BRILLIANT is that!!??   Can you imagine the state poor Darrell got himself into?  I had to give him several  paper bags during the rest of the day to stop him hyperventilating!
Picture 090
We decided that sending Darrell in the post was not a very sensible thing to do, so we asked Stacey’s dad if he would give Stacey a card and a present from Darrell if we sent it to him.
Stacey Solomon
I’ve never seen Darrell so happy.  He decided to make Stacey a shopping bag, and put his picture on the front. It was the picture where he looks like a love sick puppy, so I think Stacey will get the message!
Stacey Solomon 5
He also made her one of his special lucky holey stone bracelets and some chocolate hearts for good measure. He thought she would prefer the chocolate much more than the witchetty grubs she had to eat in the jungle.
 Valentine Card for Stacey Solomon
Then came the task of writing a letter to Stacey, as he wanted to say so much.
Stacey Solomon 3
He knew it had to be in his best writing without any spelling mistakes, so no pressure!
Stacey Solomon 1
I told him to just write from his heart......
Stacey Solomon X factor
..... which he did. It bought a huge lump to my throat, as every word was carefully thought out and meant so much to him.
Stacey Solomon 8
It was very emotional.  Then Darrell realised that he had forgotten to "do" a card for Mr Solomon to say thank you for making this wonderful dream possible.
 Picture 097
Finally, all that was left to do was to get everything in the envelope and send it to Stacey via her dad, with a little kiss as Darrell sealed it.
Stacey Solomon's Dad
Now all we have to do is wait to see if Stacey sends a reply .......
Stacey Solomon 6


Mr.D said...

Wow - Darrell is becoming famous. He will soon be having paparazzi after him.

marc said...

I just know she love your gifts the card is fab and such lovely writing well done you big showbiz wave Hugh

Candycane said...

Aww fingers crossed for you Darrell