Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Caught In the Act

Could I be Any Cooler T-shirt 
Darrell has bought himself a new “designer” t-shirt, it’s very nice, but a bit on the flash side for me. It’s black with silver writing on that says  “Could I be any cooler?” – which is very much Darrell’s style, especially since he’s gone all hetromexical, or whatever you call it.  However, after he had tried it on and paraded up and down the lounge for ages, he went all furtive and disappeared upstairs ….
Jennifer Aniston New hair cut
Curious, I followed him up after a while and finally found out what he was up to …… he was only wearing my leather jacket and looking at himself in the mirror from ever possible angle, humming “I’m too sexy” ….. oh my life ….
designer leather jacket
Guilt was written all over his face!  I have to admit my jacket did look rather good on him but what do I do with him? 


Mr.D said...

Has Darrell started using "products" such as hand cream, face lotion, soap, deodorant, toothpaste and the like? Does he want a manicure or a haircut? This could be a sign he is turning Metrotextual - or is that just a book you read on the underground?

marc said...

your looking the biz Darrell but you should ask Monkey first before you borrow his jacket its only polite,hey Monkey i have that leather jacket to its so in vouge big show biz wave Hugh