Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Nigel’s Knitted Toys.

knitted Cactus
Nigel’s knitted toy collection is growing, so we’ve put  a little storage unit together for him, where he can keep them safe, but the ghost, yellow chick and bunny ALWAYS go to bed with him. The knitted cactus’s make us laugh every time we see them, Nigel has names for them all, but as we can’t really understand what he is saying, we don’t know what they are!
Knitted Toy collection
Nigel has also taken to wearing one of the cactus’s hat, what is he like?


Mr.D said...

I trust the cactus hat isn't prickly! That would be terrible.

marc said...

M&D you will have to tell Nigel i love those little cactus and he must let crafty mum weare those flowers as a broach as knitted flowers are very in for spring and i think the one with the eyes would look good on her ski hat and he is very good keeping his things tidy he should get a good boy sticker or a gold star show biz wave Hugh