Wednesday, 23 February 2011

To Quote Pocket Pop Princess Kylie, (But Not Very Accurately) - “I’m So Very Lucky, Lucky, Lucky, Lucky”

Preparations for my ski trip are going very well,  my case is almost packed, but I was worrying about finding a suitable hat, I just couldn’t decide what to get….
Ski hat 2
And yesterday I had all but decided to go to town on the Banga bus to get one,  when the postman dropped off a small parcel….
Ski Hat 3
I recognised the writing immediately, it was from our friend  Hugh, who went to flat share with follower Marc in Notting Hill a few weeks ago. Inside was the most beautiful hat,  but then, Hugh and Marc do have the most exquisite taste, it fits me perfectly and  I am so thrilled.
Picture 037 
Also in the parcel were some specially made braces that I can use to attach my gloves  to my jacket, I love that they are red and spotty and match the scarf I had for Christmas,  I feel very blessed in a Ski Sunday type way.


Mr.D said...

Hat and braces/glove holders. Aren't you lucky. Marc and Nigel are very kind.
When I was a kid, my gloves had elastic that went through my sleeves and across my shoulders. A bit awkward when I grew.
I had braces when I lived in the UK but not any more. Perhaps I should get some. I'm not quite a style guru. At this moment I am wearing socks and sandals!

marc said...

Monkey you are such a good friend we love to send you little gifts and MR D socks and sandals are Traditional in a sort of english man abroad sort o way lol big love Marc

Violets Corner said...

Hi Monkey,

I have a little something for you on my blog, hope you'll accept it. You so often brighten my and my family's days.