Wednesday, 16 February 2011

But Which Is Best?

I very much appreciate a Sunday roast on a Friday , especially when priced at 2 for £10  …..
Picture 102
However, a 12inch XXL burger is also very tempting and acceptable at 2 for £15  ……
12 inch XXL burger
…… but which is best?


Mr.D said...

Sunday lunch on a Friday - what is going on? Two for ten pounds - I think I could eat one but doubt I could manage two. Twelve inch extra extra large burger, too big to finish or what?

marc said...

M is that a cow in a bun (in my minds eye i just have visions of it looking like a Desperate Dan cow pie with the horns sticking out) but in the intreast of all those who dont have that offer you could try it for us and see what its like and if you dont like it you can have the roast next time big nom nom love marc