Saturday, 5 February 2011

Profiterole Vision?

I had an appointment at the Opticians yesterday.Eye test
The optician said I had lovely eyes ….. and that my prescription hadn’t changed since the last time …..
Periferal Vision Test Machine
….. but she thought that it might be a good idea to check something called my profiterole vision while I was there.  I said I didn’t think I needed testing for that, as I could spot a profiterole at a hundred yards! She looked at me in a funny sort of way, tutted and led me to another room to where the profiterole vision testing machine was.
  Periferal Vision tester
It was just like an arcade shoot ‘em up game, where I had to press a button as soon as I saw a light, (not a profiterole) appear. It was all a bit odd, but I really didn’t feel I was qualified to ask if the machine was working properly.
Profiterole shoot 'em up
Above:-  My interpretation of how a proper Profiterole Vision Testing Machine Screen should look like!
Visit to the Optition
Anyway, after my rather confusing examination, I decided that I may as well choose some new frames.
Henley Designer Glasses
I thought that these Henley designer frames made me look cute in a geeky sort of way.
Jaeger Designer Glasses
These Jaegar ones were the most expensive they had, but well out of my price range.
Picture 107
And these were free, but I think they made me look cross eyed.
perscription sunglasses sunglasses
I also tried on some prescription sunglasses with my ski trip in mind, but they would have been a tadge extravagant and unnecessary, as I only really need glasses for reading and other intellectual pursuits.
Picture 118
The shocker came when the assistant worked out the total cost of the glasses including lenses. The frames were a bargain at £20, but the lenses took it up to £150,  ….yikes!  Should have gone to Specsavers!!!!


Mr.D said...

The picture of the screen makes me think you were just looking at a Space Invaders game. Is your eyesight so bad that you went into a games arcade instead of an optician?

Candycane said...

I think they SHOULD be profiteroles!!!

Liking the Orange glasses on you!!

Sal x