Friday, 11 February 2011

Happy Birthday Lovely Laura

It’s the Lovely Laura, who lives with Tom the Scientists birthday today – “Happy Birthday Lovely Laura”.  We hope you like your presents and special “monkey made” card. 
Compressed version
Tom the Scientist is very good at doing Amazon Wish Lists for the Lovely Laura’s birthday and other special occasions, it must be his analytical scientist type brain that makes him so good at it. We are very much indebted to Tom and his brain because we know we have got her exactly what she wanted …..
Below: What Tom’s scientific brain probably looks like.
……. But, we have to admit that the Lovely Laura has never struck us as a “pink cuckoo clock” type lady …….
Or someone who would take her sandwiches to work in a crystal encrusted schnauzer bag …….
Oh heck …..   we think we may have read the wrong list!!! Oooooooops!  Sorry Laura!


Mr.D said...

I want a pink cuckoo clock! I will see if my pesos stretch as far as the doggy bag.

Darrell said...

We can see a pink cuckoo clock going down a storm in your humble abode in Mexico Mr D. But what would Mrs D say?

As for the doggy bag ..... if it's for your sandwiches ..... it could be a big improvement if you still use a bread wrapper?

marc said...

hugh would love both off those i wont show him as he has enougth things at the mo but they are on his wish list big love marc

Mr.D said...

Still using a bread bag Darrell - environmentally friendly re-using?

Darrell said...

Mr D ..... Mum says ..... NO!!!!! NO!!!!! No!!!!