Sunday, 13 February 2011

My Valentine Day Biscuits of Choice

Valentine Biscuits
The kitchen at the Girls School has been making little packets of celebratory Valentine biscuits. 
Biscuits for Valentines Day
So I thought I would get a packet for Darrell’s and my tea tomorrow as part of our homage to St Valentine ….
Picture 109
The packet contains large and small iced hearts, so there will be one for Nigel too, though I suspect the significance of day will go over his head …….
Picture 110
I think I know where Darrell’s thoughts will be as he nibbles his dainty……
Biscuits of a Valentine Kind
Nom, Nom, Nom.


Mr.D said...

St. Valentine's biscuits, Hot cross buns at Easter, Cake at Christmas. Wow - what will they think of next?

Darrell said...

Mr D ..... each new day is a day to celebrate something, we even have cake on our birthday!!!!

marc said...

Life Should be celebrated every day you only get one life so make the best you can of it enjoy it boys we are a long time dead and any excuse to eat sweet things is a celebration for me lol big love marc