Monday, 7 February 2011

The Stacey Solomon Saga Continues – Calming Darrell Down.

After the excitement of yesterday, I had to send Darrell to bed with a brown paper bag in an effort to stop him hyperventilating ..
….. and calm down!
He is in too much of a state at the moment for me to talk to him sensibly, whatever I say, he just won’t take in!
Stacey Solomon's Boyfriend
I shall  tell him that Stacey must have a very busy schedule and that it may take several weeks before he gets a reply to his letter.
sweet dreams
So he must learn to get on with everyday life and not take to his bed every time he thinks of her, thinking of him, and getting the collywobbles …..

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Mr.D said...

Like a lovelorn teenager. I do hope it is not unrequited.