Friday, 4 February 2011

Socks, Pants and Vests

Do you remember us telling you about the posh shop in Wolverhampton where they have all the lovely mirrored furniture that we would like in our house when we are famous, after representing Great Britain in the Eurovision Song Contest, following our unprecedented hat trick win of The X Factor, Britain’s Got Talent and Coach Trip?
Well..........  they have had a sale with 70% off EVERYTHING …..
Mirrored Drawers
….. and we were able to afford and purchase this lovely set of mirrored drawers for our pants, socks and vests   …… we are thrilled ….. (but would rather not disclose what we paid at this juncture of time).
Mirrored Set of Drawers
We can’t stop looking at it and smiling, we feel truly blessed in a "footballers wives home furnishings" type way . All our pants, socks, and vests are beautifully folded in each drawer, which we have lined with scented drawer liners bought from the reduced Christmas gifts section of Lloyds Chemist. Now we truly know how Her Majesty the Queen must feel when she looks around Buckingham Palace. We feel like queens too, but in a kingly sort of way.


Mr.D said...

My pants and socks are in cardboard boxes that once housed bottles of beer. I don't really need vests here but these sort of things are stored in a cardboard box that once held reams of paper. Not quite as good as folded smalls in mirrored furniture. You could check your hair and find undies at the same time.

Mum said...

What a fasinating insight into you underwear storage system Mr D! I now have pictures in my head that I really wish I didn't!

marc said...

lol just so funny big love marc