Thursday, 10 February 2011

A Cruel Hand of Fate for Darrell

semi collapsed position
I found Darrell in a semi collapsed position in our porch this morning.
A cruel hand of fate
It seems that the postman called with Darrell’s much awaited correspondence from Stacey Solomon, but there was 10p to pay  ….. we were in, and could have paid there and then …. but the postman NEVER rang the bell, so when Darrell checked the mail, this is all he found!
Picture 114
He was barely coherent and inconsolable.
Picture 120
Darrell took to his bed again, while I promised I’d sort everything out, telling him that this minor blip would soon be forgotten when his letter was finally delivered.  But I could hardly bear to listen the sniffs and snuffles coming from behind his closed door.


Mr.D said...

What a disaster! Darrell moping and a 10p charge that becomes eleven times greater.

marc said...

i know how he fells these show biz types dont even no the cost of a stamp i always put a large stamp on just in case but it will be worth waiting for big love marc

Candycane said...

Has he recieved it yet????????????

Sal xXx