Monday, 21 February 2011

New PJ’s For Monkey – With A Bit of Darrell Does Crafting!

Picture 120
With Monkey going skiing soon I wanted to do a little something for him so he knows that he will be in mine and Nigel’s heart, as we are going to miss him unbelievably.
Picture 121
I noticed that he needed some new pyjamas, so I nipped into town and found him a pair of plain white ones ….
Don't let the bed bugs bit
…… because I thought I could put transfer on them that would make them more personal and special …..
Picture 160
This is what I put on, because it’s what Monkey always says to me and Nigel before turning off the light at bedtime.
Sleep Tight Pyjamas
Sleep tight Monkey …..


Mr.D said...

New York has a serious bed bug problem, including posh shops and hotels.
How does one not let the bed bugs bite?

marc said...

FAB PJS Monkey will love them and i am sure he will be mising you two to ,my mum use to say that to us and we would say as kids if they do we will beat them till their black and bluelol , we were lucky we were never bit big love marc