Saturday, 6 September 2014

Crocodile Rock ……..

It will probably come as no surprise when I tell you that we have lost Nigel to the pleasures of the Mediterranean .......
..... in fact he is spending so much time in it’s romantic waters that he has gone all pruney fingered, all over!!!!
He just lays on his back and is gone …….
….. the water is warm and crystal clear and the fish are a constant fascination.
However, yesterday he spotted a crocodile …… not a real one naturally, but one of an inflatable type nature …..
……. which he thought could possibly have been abandoned, as no one appeared to go near it, and so, for the rest of the day he kept his beady eyes on it ….. hoping that if no one collected it by the end of the day he could claim habeas corpus, possession being nine tenths of the law!!!
But sadly, just at the very last minute when he thought the crocodile might be within his grasp, it was retrieved, leaving the little fella a little deflated!
So in the evening, whist on our evening promenade along the sea front, he loitered and lingered a while by the beach kiosk, looking generally very wistful and sighing after spotting that they had a said crocodile hanging up, already inflated ….. But Darrell and I were not biting ….. a crocodile of such size, we both agreed, would be a lumbersome object to carry to and from the beach each day and we strongly suspected that it would be us who would be doing much of the lugging …….
……… but Darrell had an idea ……


Mr.D said...

Prune-like all over? Too much information.
I like the word "lumbersome." Word of the day? I won't use it with Mrs. D, her English is very good, but not that good.

Anonymous said...

That water looks wonderful!.....we are still in the 90's.....Nigel needs a cute little blow up love that beach!.....Dianne

Mr.D said...

1990s Dianne?