Sunday, 21 September 2014

How Remiss …… A Little About Our Holiday Hotel

We have been a very remiss in not showing you around our holiday hotel, what are we like?
Well, as I have said before, Darrell done good ….. Hotel Paspalis is exactly what we all wanted, small, unpretentious, somewhere that feels like home but in Greek type way ….. the humungous pineapples in the grounds were just an added bonus …… with pineapple chunks a plenty when they ripen no doubt!

We have our own little courtyard outside our room to sit on a balmy night and reminisce about our day, or wait while Darrell fixes his hair in the mornings.
….. and there is a washing line with pegs for hanging out our speedos, towels, smalls and socks at the end of a hard day on the beach.
Our room is very pleasant, it’s most striking feature is the Greek art work, although we don’t think it is an original, it does add a certain Greek charm and ambience to our surroundings.
And yes, we do have a TV, but although we usually very much like to embrace the television of any country we visit, to be honest in Greece there are just too many distractions and pleasures to follow anything fully.  We think, one evening we saw a bit of the Greek version of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, with some very beautiful contestants ….. but because the language and alphabet are so different (though undeniably romantic) it was all very much Greek to us, and there was no way we could have shouted out the answers at it like we do at chez Castle Greysquirrel.
The bar and restaurants are very lovely too, everyone is sooooooo friendly, and knew our names by the end of the first day and more importantly what we all like for our nightcap when we come in after a night in town! We didn’t even have to shout Horlicks!!!!!
….. And the pool is very lovely too, I have partaken in several lengths of it myself, early in the morning before Darrell and Nigel were up, but when you have the Greek ocean just a few yards away,  there is no contest.
So there you have it …… home sweet home with limes on the top, (below)our Greek Shangri-La!


Mr.D said...

It looks a delight.
Pineapple chunks from a palm tree? Cola cubes from where?

Anonymous said...

it would have been impossible for Darrell to have done any better....if Darrell had planned the odyssey for Odysseus, Odysseus would have had better accommodations and gotten home sooner! ....oh, the pleasure of golden days in the sun in this most pleasant land .....Dianne

Anonymous said...

Too wonderful for my words - yours is sufficient. Sigh. JantheFan x