Monday, 1 September 2014

Hugh’s Swansong …….

Hugh’s days with us are sadly drawing nigh and he has, alas, had to start to pack his Louis Viutton trunk and reluctantly get in touch his agent to see what “invitations” were waiting to be accepted.
“Oh Boyz, my ‘art is sooooo sad and sooooo heavy laden with lead at zee though of leaving you. I can never sank you enough for zis time spent amongst you and all zee memories it ‘as made, no? I ‘ave sooo enjoyed being zee ordinary person …… it has all been so wonderful no?…….
…….But zee sing  I like zee best to do is taking all zee rubbishy bits out, somesing I ‘ave never done before no? And I do not sink I ‘ave ever seen Simone Cowelllle do it eizer!  I did not sink it was sooooo complicated, all zee sorting out of zee plastic, and zee cardboard and zee paper and zee glass …. and zee peelings of zee potatoes and carrots!! Oh, it was, how you say formidable and zee grave responsibility for zee Friday morning, no?”
What is he like?  It looks like Castle Greysquirrel has well and truly grounded him…… no?


Mr.D said...

Hugh will have lots of stories to tell his showbiz pals about how the hoi polloi live.

Anonymous said...

We have all enjoyed every moment of Hugh's visit to the everyday life and times of us ordinary one could have done it better or with more enthusiasm and style than Hugh.....One and all have been honoured to enjoy the fascinating adventures of four dear friends and to have a glimpse into the world of a famous celebrity!.....Dianne