Thursday, 25 September 2014

Greek Crisp Heaven

Apart, obviously from Marmite, our next most favourite crisp of choice is indisputably of the tomato ketchup type variety, however they are sometimes a little hard to find, so we will hold our hands up and confess that at times we have been guilty of stockpiling them when we have found them in abundance, especially if they are also on special offer.So imagine our robust and unbridled joy when Darrell came back from his early morning saunter to the “local” supermarket and came back, triumphant, brandishing a very large bag of Greek tomato ketchup crisps for our comestible mid morning beach treat!
Oh mon dieu, just how brilliant is that? Ketchup flavour crisps ….. nom, nom, nom, nom, nom!!!
Greece just keeps on getting better and better and better for us ……
……. clear blue skies, warm, turquoise seas, a beach almost to ourselves  and now a jumbo bag of ketchup crisps ….. we are sooooooooo blessed in a humble Greek Hello Magazine type way!!


Mr.D said...

Marmite, Bovril, BBQ beef, Roast Chicken and the very spicy ones here in Mexico, like Habanero or Fuego (fire) all do it for me.

Anonymous said...

Holey Moley! Greece has it all.......or at least anything desirable.....I'm a crisps (chips) diehard fan myself.......but I only have a flavour choice of plain, cheddar cheese, sour cream and onion , or barbeque.....pretty well stick to Lay's low salt and sometimes sour cream and onion .....true heaven having that gorgeous beach and crisps ......Enjoy.... Dianne

Anonymous said...

Is Nigel munching away inside the bag - can't see him on the photos - or maybe he is in his crock - sailing the crystal blue sea. All just bliss. My fav crisps are Roast Chicken flavour - but they don't taste like they used to! JantheFan x