Friday, 12 September 2014

We Go On A Boat Trip …….

We all decided that we really ought to forgo just one day on the beach to go a little further afield and explore the other pleasures of Kefalonia, to wit, we should partake in a romantic boat trip round part of the island.
Darrell and Nigel both had the most wonderful time, but I have to confess that I, unfortunately, succumbed to a most  sustained and robust torrent of sea sickness, the like I have never experience before or ever wish to again, which rendered me totally incapable for most of the trip.
It’s usually Darrell who is a martyr to the perils of prolonged, undulating motion ……
….. but this was obviously my time for martyrdom…….
…… and I cannot thank the captain enough for the constant supply of sea sickness pills, which after many, many attempts, I was able to finally keep down!
I can’t believe I even missed out on the world famous Myrtos beach, said to be one of the most beautiful and dramatic beaches in Greece and judging from the gasps, sighs, oooooos and ahhhhhs  coming from Darrell and Nigel it must have been true.
They said that they had never seen a sea sooooooooooooo  blue, in fact the word “blue” didn’t do it justice, Nigel waxing lyrical described the colour as “The purest, purest turquoise, the colour of your dreams, a place where mermaids must surely flock to bathe and comb their hair!”
There had been the opportunity to leap with gay abandon from the boat and share the seas delights, however, just as Nigel was about to leap akimbo with much aforementioned gay abandon the captain reluctantly, on seeing Nigel’s exuberance and wish to embrace the experience, approached  sadly suggesting that Nigel might perhaps be safer if he stayed on board, as he was so small it might be a difficult to spot him and that he might also have a little difficulty climbing back on board due to the size of the rungs on the ladder and unfortunately did not have a gaff to help yank him out in that eventuality.
Bitterly, bitterly,  disappointed, Nigel nevertheless philosophical …..
…… “Tis better to have drunk in the most beautiful beach in the world and not swum, than to have never drunk it in at all!” he sighed
By this stage, I was able to sip the minutest amount of water ……. but certainly not any more, let alone drink in the view!!


Anonymous said...

Awe shame you missed it Monkey - but gosh that sea - unbelievable!
JantheFan x

Mr.D said...

That certainly is blue. They do like a bit of blue, those Greeks.

Anonymous said...

what a beautiful blue sea! sorry to hear of the sea sickness..... just one gorgeous vista after the next and those images are the stuff of dreams........many thanks for sharing; so much fun to see it all....Dianne