Saturday, 20 September 2014

Can’t Get Enough Baklava!

A couple of days ago Dianne our very special friend in sunny Florida, USA asked if we have had any baklava during our Greek Odyssey ????? Dianne is the Pope Catholic?
It goes without saying that we can boast to all having a very ample and robust sufficiency of said baklava ….. Our hotel serves a most generous portion with ice cream that is off the scale on our Richter Scale of noms and is always our pudding of choice. In fact, we no longer have to order a pudding, the staff all know to just bring  over a portion to our table after we have let our dinner go down ….. “O you boyz ….” they say “What are you alike?!”
They also do a mean baklava at the Skala bakery in town, that is very, very moreish and ooooooooooooooooozing with local honey!
In the morning, before it gets too hot to walk, one of us (namely Nigel) will suggest that he just nips up and gets a morsel or two for the beach.
The staff in there are also getting to know him very well too, as he also has a penchant for their, as he calls them “ggggggggglorious in excelsis” Greek sausage rolls ….. I hate to say it …… but after our many wonderful Greek bakery experiences here, going into the Greggs up the road for a steak slice will never, ever, be the same again!


Mr.D said...

Once again, my mouth is watering.
I could even go for a Gregg's pasty.
They have pasties in Mexico. The Cornish miners brought them and football about a hundred years ago. Mind you, they do a Mexican take on them - rice pudding pasties, chilli pasties and the like.

Anonymous said...

it can't possibly get any better! ......heaven in every mouthful and heaven in those blue blue views.... yep, just as the Pope is ever true to his calling, surely he has been to Greece where heaven abounds ... lots of lip smacking holiday memories!......LOVE LOVE the great pictures.....Dianne