Friday, 19 September 2014

Embracing The Greek Cuisine Especially The Mezzanines

Well ……. we are all of the same agreement that we are finding Greek cuisine most palatable ….. in fact Nigel has said that he wants it put on record that he thinks that it is one of the best cuisines in the world, and he has certainly eaten enough of it during our odyssey!
We particularly enjoy a Greek Meze or as Nigel likes to call them, mezzanines, because you get a bit of everything and they are usually so big we can share one between us! In fact, in one restaurant the mezzanine was so humungous it beat all of us and we sadly had to leave a little for Mr Manners!
In every establishment where we have dined each mezzanine has contained something different …… except for one thing  ….. and it’s something we always look for - “village sausage” because just the name makes us laugh …. and when we get back home we are considering attending  a village council  meeting and demanding that our village should have its own sausage, how romantic would that be?
We also very much appreciate the fried Greek cheese and cheese pie, and dipping our flatbreads and other bits in the Tzatziki.
…… and have all vowed that feta cheese will become a staple on our Tesco online order …….
……. we will also be adding things that we can stuff to our order as Nigel must have tried the lot from peppers to vine leaves and has become quite an aficionado
We have to admit that though we have always prided ourselves on our cosmopolitan tastes, we have all always struggled with an olive, but it’s funny how much better they taste when eaten outside, in exotic climes, with a  bouzouki playing in the background, not quite nom, nom, nom, but we are getting there!


Mr.D said...

You have made my mouth water.
Has mum tried the retsina or the ouzo?
Can you get negative noms?

Anonymous said...

Ah, so many delicious choices.....good ole feta works many ways in or on top of various dishes ....clothes getting a little snug yet?.....Nigel is embracing all things Greek with mega enthusiasm!......Dianne