Thursday, 11 September 2014

Comestible Watch Dans Une Greek Supermarche.

As you know, we very much enjoy exploring the local supermarche whenever we are on holiday, call us sad, but the shelves seem far more exotic than those in our own village Tesco Express or the SPAR down the road …..
……… baked beans, tinned tomatoes and stock cubes all take on different hue and romance in foreign climes!
Our local supermarche is about 100 metres down the road from our hotel and is where Darrell has taken to going first thing in the morning, before it gets too hot to walk,  to find comestible treats for our beach time snacks …….
Nigel sometimes joins him, and is very intrigued and taken by all the spelling, saying that Greek really is all Greek to him, as he just doesn’t have a clue  and can’t even guess what some of the packaging and tins contain if it doesn’t have a picture on!
However there are always exceptions and things are obvious!!!!!!!  And much as we all try to embrace the cuisine of the country we are visiting, we all have to confess that anything that has tentacles or suckers will not pass our lips!  It is something we are not proud of, it’s just a bizarre joint aversion to putting things that once wiggled and writhed in our tums!
However, the best way to tell whether a supermarche is a most excellent emporium or not, no matter where in the world,  is to see if they stock our savoury spread of choice ….. which obviously makes this supermarket, aforementionably, most excellent indeed!!


Mr.D said...

Marmite - all is well.
I would love a tin of baked beans but you can't get them here.

Anonymous said...

A little reminder of home whilst in a land far off. A supermarket with taste - well except for the tentacles and suckers - that bit makes me sad. ): JantheFan x

Anonymous said...

So nice to find the beloved familiar when away from home.....good old Marmite bringing comfort and assurance amid the possibility of tentacles....looks like every day is pure holiday good times!....Dianne