Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Breakfast Like (A Greek) King Continued ……..

I have found out since yesterday that the King of Grease is King Constantine and if he is breakfasting half as well as us, all be it on golden chargers, he must start his kingly duties at the start of the day feeling very satisfied.
I have to admit to being quite impressed by the tea bag box in the breakfast room and must ask Hugh if it would be de rigueur to have one at Castle Greysquirrel, even if we do prefer coffee ourselves, it could be something of an impressive nature to proffer our guests.
However, I digress, I wanted to tell you about my Greek breakfast of choice. To be honest I just cannot get enough of the Greek yoghurt, OMG forget all the imitations back home dans Angleterre, this yoghurt is sooooooooooooooo thick your spoon stands up in it, it can only be described as a solid, creamy wonderfulness ……
……. drizzled with a more than ample sufficiency of Greek honey made by Greek bees ….. I am in nomming heaven, our famous Richter Scale of noms just doesn’t have enough noms!
I then like to follow my yoghurt with what I call my Greek Breakfast Buttie in which I like to incorporated most of the comestibles served ……
….. I take a slice of cheese ….. to which I added a chopped up egg ….
…… and then top with a slice of Greek ham and a sprinkling of pepper ….
……. nom, nom, tiddly nom, nom! And if I can’t manage it all, as often is the case, I can take it down to the beach to finish as a bijou snackette mid morning!!  What am I like??


Anonymous said...

perfect plan you've got there......love Greek yogurt; I get the Dannon oikos; so creamy and thick........this is a fab holiday on every front!.......lucky you...Dianne

Mr.D said...

Great breakfast.
I see you like it Greek style, with thick yoghurt.