Saturday, 27 September 2014

Status, Our Most Favourite Cafe Bar Ever, Ever, Ever.

As our time in Greece is rapidly ebbing away we are making sure that we embrace every single second in our most favourite cafe bar, Status.  We stumbled on it by accident when Darrell and I really, really desperately fancied a coffee ……
…… we walked into Status as it looked quiet, not knowing what to expect but within seconds we were hooked.
It was just like we had stumbled into someone’s sitting room and the Dad of the family coming over to welcome us into said sitting room, in fact we wondered it that was what we had actually done by accident  ….. because all the family were there, and all nodded and smiled at us as we sat down at a table.
When “The Dad” Achim came over all smiley and asked us where we came from, he called us Yam Yams, which made us laugh ….. and he also knew about West Brom …. but we were too polite to tell him that they were Wolves (our) arch enemies and that we don’t ever talk about them!!!!
And then when he bought our coffee over  in odd, proper mugs, with the spoon still sitting in them we loved him instantly and decided that from then on we wanted to watch English rugby in Greek with Achim and be part of his family and pop in whenever we are passing day or night, and Achim too has always greeted us with great affection.
The decor makes us go all warm and fuzzy, Achim still has his Easter Egg tree up, he said his wife made it, and that she likes making things ….. and we said that we very much liked it too. ….. and we all know now that whenever we see an Easter Egg tree our hearts will always flutter and return for a second or two to Achim, his family, Status and Greece.
We really wish we had somewhere like Status with Achim in our village …..  it is so romantically Greek and friendly …… we would never leave…… and I predict now there will be tears when the time comes to say goodbye!


Mr.D said...

A veritable home from home.
How wonderful.
Have you met anyone called Zorba?
I never met anyone called Borat in Kazakhstan.

Anonymous said...

what wonderful friendly Greek hospitality .....the Status obviously deserves a place in the heart of all who are fortunate enough to enjoy time there ...... moist eyes for sure when the time for parting comes .........Dianne

Anonymous said... great is that beautiful Easter egg tree?!.......Dianne