Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Our Greek Message In A Bottle

Our Greek Odyssey is slowly drawing nigh, Castle Greysquirrel beckons, and as is our custom whenever we are on holiday, we like to send a message in a bottle out to sea, because it always seems to be such a romantic thing to do…….
…… and this holiday is no exception ….
…… but this year we decided to use a very, very small bottle, hoping that  its lightness would help to afford it safe passage ‘ere the tempest tossed seas.
We also thought that we would keep our message short and sweet …… and to the point.
Then we each held it in turn for a moment or two to wish it a safe and glorious journey to exotic climes where someone might spot it and retrieve it, their hearts filled with romantic curiosity.
We then handed the bottle to Nigel, giving him the honour of throwing it into the turquoise of turquoisest sea ……
…… who waited patiently for a suitably appropriate wave to carry it out across, we hope, the oceans!  Farewell little bottle, bon voyage et bonne chance!


Mr.D said...

Great idea.
Let's hope it travels far and wide and you get a reply from somewhere exotic.

karen paulmonkey said...

Hi,have you ever had a reply from anyone?love both blogs,make me smile.whatever happened about the blue container?

Anonymous said...

I feel all emotional while reading your blog for today. May the little bottle travel far and my wish is someone special finds it. Such a wonderful thing to do. JantheFan x

Anonymous said...

perfectly wonderful ending to this romantic holiday ......wishing the message bottle the best of luck in it's journey...... may it bring new friends from far away places .....every holiday moment has been lovely ......Dianne