Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Μπορείτε σχεδόν να εγκαταλείψει την εύρεση ενός Ιερές τρύπες πέτρα και στη συνέχεια δύο με τη σειρά μέχρι !!!

(You almost give up finding one holey stone and then two turn up!!!)
DSC00800OMG, after Darrell found a holey stone yesterday there was no doing with him, so can you imagine the state he was in when he found another one this morning, when he wasn’t even looking, firmly believing that yesterday’s stone was just too spooky a Derek Acorah moment to be just coincidence!
But yes,  there it was, much bigger than yesterdays, white and almost sort of square.
“If I have learnt anything from this” Darrell said philosophically “…. it’s never, ever to give up, as Reverend Timms said to Postman Pat in Postman Pat’s Finding Day ….. “seek and ye shall find” and someone is telling me that I didn’t try seeking enough”
There was yet more emotion!  I am just hoping that this beach doesn’t yield up any more holey stones,  no matter how “spooky significantly and meant” they may are meant to be, I just want to lie in the sun reading my “Chat” magazine without all this angst!


Mr.D said...

You could wear one round your neck.

Anonymous said...

...or you could turn that one into a funny face! Another spooky find. JantheFan x

Anonymous said...

Does seem it was meant to be.......another magic and spooky Derek Acorah moment... this holiday becomes more special each day......heavenly food, blue skies, blue seas and now holey stones popping up......Dianne