Tuesday, 18 November 2014

The Rudest Restaurant In London

While Hugh had an “Grand Opening to attend” last night,  he suggested that perhaps Darrell and Nigel might like to go to what is said to be “zee rudest restaurant dans Londres” ……
……“juzt for zee experience, Darlings!”
Now, it has to be said that both Darrell and Nigel were a tad on reluctant side, rudeness never being on the agenda Chez Castle, but decided that if Hugh had recommended it and they took it as an aforementioned “experience darling”!” it would be OK,  so off they went.
On arrival, they waited on the stairs and did not dare to enter the dining area until approached by a member of staff, just as Hugh had instructed them. They were shown a table that was shared by another family, who, fortuitously, were regulars and who were able to guide Darrel and Nigel as to what was what, to hopefully avoid incurring the wrath, scorn or sarcasm of the waiting staff!
When the waiter came over to take their order, both Darrell and Nigel were a little flustered, as the menu was very, very long, and they usually like to take their time to peruse a menu before making their considered choice, but a little afraid that they would be seen as not being quick enough, Darrell blurted out that they would both very much like the vegetarian meal for two, with a huge emphasis on the word PLEASE at the end …… even though neither Darrell or Nigel are in any way vegetarian, and Nigel is a complete stranger to tofu.  Darrell then apologised profusely to Nigel for his undue haste, but admitted he was pretty scared!!  Nigel, in turn, took it all very philosophically, saying that since he ALWAYS orders shredded chilli beef and egg fried rice, as it was his very favourite ….it was a good way of making him try something different.
The food seemed to arrive in seconds, without ceremony,  but was very acceptable. Nigel embraced the seaweed and sweet and sour tofu, but was not so keen on the aubergines which he found a little slimy, though he ate up every bit of his portion, preferring to swallow each mouthful whole rather than chew, for fear of being told off for leaving any …….. even Mr Manners!
In the end both Darrell and Nigel congratulated each other for embracing this unique London experience, the company of their fellow table companions had been most convivial, as they had many Wong Kei stories to share.
“To quote someone famous,” Darrell said “When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life Nigel, and this adventure has been erm, different, aubergines excepted! Who knows what other places are out there that we have yet to discover! London is so full of glorious and unusual surprises!”


Mr.D said...

I ate in there many years ago, when I lived in London. Great memories.

Anonymous said...

Hugh knows best .....an unusual experience that turned out to be interesting and fun! ......don't care for eggplant myself (agree with the slimy but the coating can be good) and tofu can be tricky ......but it sounds like the chef knew how to do it right..... a true London evening to remember courtesy of the host with the most!..... Dianne