Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Time To Say Goodbye

It has been a wonderful few days with Hugh for all of us ……
…….. but, all good things must come to an end, work beckons us and for Hugh a rapidly approaching Christmas means lots of TV Specials to advise on and the usual round celebrity parties that “one simply must be seen at.” 
The parties, he said,  “Can be zee teenzeeest bit teeeeeeediouso, but so many peeps would be let down if I did not appear for juzt zee little while, tell a zee few stories but zen disappear discreetly no? ………
…….. How you say? I give a soupçon of myself, but do not lay on zee feast!” 
Thoughts then turned to when we would see Hugh again …..
“Sadly zist may not be for zee little while” said Hugh with a showbizesque, emotional pause, it could be certainly be in the well into the New Year …… “Zee commitments no?!” sighed Hugh
But Nigel was bold, and pressed Hugh to see if he might possibly, possibly, possibly consider Wolverhampton in February, “It might still be winter outside, but in our hearts it will be spring!” he added poetically, and there was so much more left of Wolverhampton that we hadn’t been able to show him in the summer ……….
“I cannot promise zis Nigel, zat would be wrong, but yes, I hold up my hands and say zat I sometimes pine for zee Wolverhampton, and your little village, with it’s Tesco Express!” and heaved a great sigh.
Nigel declared that “Parting is such sweet sorrow!” and then there was nothing left to be said, it was too sad ………. and emotional.


Mr.D said...

Sad but remember all the happy times that you had when you were there.
London lounging at its best.

Anonymous said...

this sweet sorrow parting is only 'til you meet again .......there will be more good times to look forward to, not to mention more exciting adventures with the one and only Hugh! ...Dianne