Saturday, 15 November 2014

Phew Pong!

Hugh has told Nigel ……. zat every man must ‘ave  zee wardrobe of fragrance darrrrrrling ……c’est de rigueur!
I fear the worst, Nigel is erm …… soaking it all in, and embracing all the  preening rituals of Hugh’s en suite salle de bain ……. which always ends in an ample dousing from Hugh’s aforementioned wardrobe of fragrance …..
…… believe me, Nigel can make your eyes water before he even enters the room
I fear the days of him asking for a cement mixer or a torch for Christmas are a thing of the past ….. and that the fragrance pages of the Argos and Boots catalogue are going to be well considered and well thumbed this year!!!!


Mr.D said...

I have a deodorant spray and that's my lot. Maybe I have a lot to learn about underarm pong stoppers too.

Mr.D said...

P.S. Mrs. D and I are away for a long weekend to a hot air balloon festival in León.
This would spell trouble for Nigel.

Anonymous said...

Nigel seems to be embracing London/Hugh de rigueur with his usual enthusiasm ..... with all that fragrance wafting about, it won't be a mystery where he is! much fun to see Hugh's glamorous life! .....sadly our Target store quit carrying the Boot's line of products..... Dianne

marc said...

the pong of the boys after being in my private bathroom for 2hrs a day was shall we say like the ground floor perfume department of selfridges on a busy pre christmas saturday big must get the boy to stock up on some extra perfumes love Hugh Mr D what a romantic thing to do in a land that time forgot sort of way but one must say a wicker basket a few bits of string and a balloon full of hot air has always sounded more like a night out at harvester in the 70s than a way to fly big show biz wave Hugh

Mr.D said...

Marc - Harvetser would have done chicken in a basket and scampi in the 1970s. This would have been the height of sophistication, washed down with Campari or Babycham.