Thursday, 13 November 2014

Nigel and Darrell Embrace The London Quiz Scene!

Hugh had a bit of a do in Chelsea that he just couldn’t put off, too many people would have been terribly disappointed if he didn’t make a show, however, he suggested  that perhaps Nigelle and Darrell might like to take part in zee quiz night at a nearby Chelsea hostelry, that he oft frequented and where he would meet them later.Well, with Nigel and Darrell never having taken part in a London pub quiz night before, it all sounded like a very romantic thing to do to while away a few hours  and it was yet another cosmopolitan London experience to embrace.
Once there Darrell and Nigel found that the quiz had a slightly belated Halloween flavour to it, and as a bonus, there was a bag of free Halloween sweeties with every entry, so Nigel obviously availed himself of the brain type element, as he had a feeling that he might need all the help he could get.
And it wasn’t long before he and Darrell realised that they were well out of their depth …
……… the identification of mass murderers not being a activity of choice Chez Castle.
However, seeing Nigel especially struggling to come up with any answer with honestly and integrity, some of the locals took pity on him and came to his aid ……
…… them knowing more about mass murdererings, Jack The Ripper .……
…… and the unscrambling of horror film titles than a naturally sheltered Nigel …..
Nigel in turn thanked everyone who helped him profusely  …….. and then looked around the rest of the room, and noticed that mass cheating had been going on all around him, in fact it was de rigueur, and so emboldened, he took took matters into his own hands …..
……. and decided to phone a friend to fill any of his remaining unanswered questions …… and where did he come?  A very respectable 20th out of 20, but friends were made for life and several large lemonades enjoyed, with Nigel and Darrell feeling very much part of the London Quiz Scene!!


Anonymous said...

London fun just keeps coming ..... a quiz and Halloween candy has to be a fun evening we would all enjoy....not crazy about mass murderers or horror movies but friends being together is the best! .....Dianne

Mr.D said...

I love quizzes. I have arranged a few here in Mexico and arranged some in Kazakhstan too.
I struggle with pop music and popular culture however.