Wednesday, 12 November 2014

NO Nom Nom Nigel!!!!!!

It’s easy to see why spending time in a showbiz, celebrity home can be a little overwhelming for Nigel, who has become very fascinated by Hugh’s salle de bain, and in particular, his beauty preparations …….
…… and it’s hard to blame someone who is very fond of his food and stomach to occasionally get a little confused, …….
….. and tempted …….
…….. especially by tubs that have “indulgent hot butter fudge” written on the label!
I dare say Nigel would have come to no harm ……
However, it was fortuitous very that Hugh found Nigel on the cusp, as it were of tasting, “Nigelle, non, non, non, non, non …… !” he said as gently as he could, so that Nigel didn’t take a great chunk out of his hand by mistake at being surprised.
“Zee fudge is not for zee eating my petit amigos….. it is for zee exfoliation for zee soft skin no? I sink if you put it in zee body you will ‘ave zee very shiny insides and zen zee sparkly erm ….. you know what, zee ones and twos, no????!!!!”   What are zay they like?????


Mr.D said...

It does look good enough to eat.
Easy mistake from Nigel.

marc said...

o bless the little one he was very taken by lots of things like the midnight chocolate smelling candles ,the oat and honey face masks but to name a few one thinks he got the bathroom mixed up with harrods food hall and i must say Hugh is so gentle and patient with him i cant belive its the Hugh i know big love marc

Anonymous said...

it truly looks delicious...... anyone would be tempted to have their taste buds give it a much to learn from Hugh ...... a glimpse of Hugh's wonderful life is fascinating! .......Dianne